Twitter initiation

I love Facebook. I find it a fun and informal way of keeping in touch with friends and family. It enables me to have a link with people who I wouldn’t keep in regular contact with, but who I don’t want to lose contact with altogether, like old school friends. I have found Twitter on the other hand to be a more intangible beast. The thing is I’ve not really had the time to look at Twitter to understand it, or to figure out why I might want to use it. However, one week without looking after the kids has given me enough time to dip my toe in the tweety water, and so far it’s a curious, and enjoyable experience.
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Human factors and cycling safety

The other day my husband Rich told me how the wing-mirror of an overtaking bus came uncomfortably close to his head on his cycle ride home, fortunately without making contact. My initial relief that Rich was safe was quickly overtaken by a sinking feeling that maybe next time we wont be so lucky, after all this wasn’t the first time he had told me of such a near miss. It would be easy to simply blame the bus driver for being careless. But this would neatly draw a line under the incident, missing the opportunity to learn from it, and potentially change things for the better. So what factors might increase the likelihood that this kind of incident will happen? Continue reading

Here we go…

OK. So I’m dipping my toe into the murky blogging waters. Wish me luck…