Olympic usability failure

Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to buy Olympic tickets on the www.london2012.com website. I’ve been astonished at how frustrating the process is, not because I can’t get tickets, but because the usability of the website is so poor. Continue reading


Ambiguous road design + HGV + bike = accident

I’ve been driving for nearly 18 years. I’ve driven in cities, down country roads, on motorways, in unfamiliar places and in different countries. I’ve been a car commuter. I have no idea how many miles that is, but out of those 18 years I’d be interested to know whether my hours driving runs into weeks, months or even years. Having said that, I wouldn’t say I’m exceptionally experienced at driving. I’m not a sales person racking up hundreds of miles every week. I’m not a courier or a delivery driver. I’m not a long distance lorry driver. These people, in my mind, spend best part of their working day behind a steering wheel. They have significantly more experience of driving than me. Continue reading


Martin Beckworth wrote an article in The Telegraph, published 29th August 2011, titled “Nurses wear ‘do not disturb’ signs during drug rounds“. Here is my reaction to some of the thoughts presented in this article… Continue reading

You can’t please everyone

I went to the seafront in Portsmouth recently and took the opportunity to look at the relatively new Seafront Cycle Route. I applaud Portsmouth City Council for trying to encourage cycling in the city, although I think the new road layout is a missed opportunity to really demonstrate the council’s vision of being a healthy, low carbon city, and leading the UK in minimal car use by 2027. My main concern, however, is that I think the road design may increase the likelihood of an accident by relying too heavily on people diligently paying attention to their surroundings.

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Road safety design application

I was driving along the other day, negotiating the usual array of parked cars, buses, school crossings, and pedestrians when I overtook a cyclist. Nothing particularly unusual about that, but it made me wonder… Continue reading

One formula for error

The 2011 formula one season is up and racing, and the competition is already looking fierce. 2010 saw an exceptionally close finale with several drivers entering the last race technically able to win the championship. So far, this season is looking like it holds the same promise of excitement and tension.
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Cyclists can’t win

I can ride a bike, but I’m not a cyclist. I have a great deal of respect for those that pedal their way around life. I see all sorts of people on bikes, small swarms of kids with over sized t-shirts and baggy jeans on their BMXs, commuting city types on the train with their folding bikes and bicycle clips, older ladies with their shopping baskets on sit up and beg cycles. It’s a fabulous form of transport providing faster travel than walking, whilst still remaining independent of timetables, and in many cities it is as quick, if not quicker, than going by car or public transport. Continue reading